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We as the Ivalas Quartet believe that representation matters

The Ivalas Quartet was formed after a conversation about a feeling of absence we shared - how we rarely saw our own faces and cultures in classical music. As members of Black and Latinx communities, we saw a lack of representation, of celebration, and of classical music making from our own communities and to our own communities.
Ivalas seeks to enhance the classical music world with voices less known and sometimes unheard. By performing works for string quartet written by underrepresented BIPOC composers, the Ivalas Quartet strives to bring all kinds of audience members together in musical celebration.

Through representation, Ivalas looks to inspire young musicians and musicians-to-be with the sounds of music from cultures and communities that echo their own. We as Ivalas are deeply focused on renewing and uplifting the classical music industry through the amplification of BIPOC voices. We have set our sights on creating community, making exceptional art, and inspiring the future of classical music. Join us.

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