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Produced by iconoclastic Billboard Chart-topping pianist and NPR Music personality Lara Downes in collaboration with Grammy award-winning producer Adam Abeshouse, this extensive series features our recording of Warmth From Other Suns by Carlos Simon - Composer-in-residence at the Kennedy Center and 2021 Sphinx Medal of Excellence.​

In Leah Claiborne's word's: "The piece is a terrifying expression of the duality of wanting to find rest, yet never being able to call a place home". The composition is based on Isabel Wilkerson's book The Warmth of Other Suns and has three movements: Rays of Light, Flight and Settle. 

This project was an enriching experience for us as we were able to explore the piece and workshop it with Carlos for the first time. We are extremely proud to present the world premiere of this first complete recording under the Rising Sun Music label.


Warmth From Other Suns has lived with us now some time and we feel very lucky to be able to perform it in many venues across the country as it truly resonates with Ivalas' mission to bring stories from different cultures of color into light and celebrate their power. Enjoy our recording in all streaming platforms!


WDAV 89.9 - Piedmont Arts Podcast

The Ivalas Quartet took first place at the 2019 WDAV Young Chamber Musicians Competition. Since that time, they've been building a career for themselves focusing on their mission of “enhancing the classical music world with voices less known and sometimes unheard.” They spoke with WDAV about their love of chamber music and their joy in sharing classical music with young people and other audiences who are new to it.

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